Photo credit: Lepra
Photo credit: Lepra

About the Partnership

The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy is a coalition of groups committed to ending leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease. The partnership includes the Novartis Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO, as an observer), the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP), the Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation and the  International Association for Integration, Dignity and Economic Advancement (IDEA). It also includes the national leprosy programmes of Brazil and Ethiopia, the International Leprosy Association, scientific organizations and the academic community. The secretariat for the partnership is located at the Task Force for Global Health.

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Partnership Structure

  • World Health Organization (observer)
  • Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation (ILEP member)
  • The Novartis Foundation
  • National Programme Ethiopia
  • ILEP
  • National Programme Brazil
  • International Association for Integration Dignity and Economic Advancement (IDEA)
  • Country Programme TBD
  • Researchers, Universities, Professional Societies
  • Task Force for Global Health
  • Research Working Group

    Research setting: 
scientific & operational

  • Operational Excellence Working Group

    Real world setting with country application, engagement and uptake

  • Organizations and individuals committed to zero leprosy