Operational Excellence Working Group

The Operational Excellence Working Group’s purpose is to facilitate and stimulate the uptake, monitoring and evaluation of best practices and promising innovations in national leprosy control programmes. It will develop a road map and supporting toolkit, for best practices and promising innovations in moving towards zero leprosy.

Structure and timeline

Chair: Bart Vander Plaetse, head of the programme unit at FAIRMED

Coordinator: Christine J. Fenenga, public health consultant

A coordinating committee met in August 2018 to outline themes and criteria for the working group. View the meeting report here.

The secretariat is working on appointing facilitators and advisors, particularly national programme managers and persons affected by leprosy. A meeting with facilitators and advisors is expected to take place in mid-October, with an open call for participants shortly after.

Next steps for 2019
This group will work closely with national programme managers to assess  countries’ opportunities, challenges and capacities to implement tools towards zero leprosy. Best practices and strategies from the Operational Excellence Working Group will be transformed into a Toolkit for National Capacity Building for Zero Leprosy. The toolkit is expected to be piloted in 3 countries in 2019.

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Terms of Reference