Expression of Interest for GPZL Country Support

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Requesting Leprosy Programme Support

Important factors for success are:

  • Demonstration of interest to initiate and actively support this process;
  • Provision of co-funding for the country activities;
  • Engagement of a broad network of local stakeholders (i.e., officials from different sectors, public and private organizations, coalitions of persons impacted by leprosy);
  • Support of participatory planning of a road map following the country activities.

The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy wants to support high, medium, and low leprosy-burden countries all around the world. National Leprosy Programme Managers that would like GPZL country support can show their interest by completing the form below.

Country Support Expression of Interest Form

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  • If the leprosy programme has never been reviewed respond: No prior review.
  • If the leprosy programme has never been reviewed, skip this question.
  • Is your country high endemic? Low endemic?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


If you need assistance completing this form or have further questions, please contact us.