Family portrait
Photo credit: The Leprosy Mission Trust – India

Principles of the Partnership

The following principles guide the partnership:

All decisions, priority choices, funding allocation and actions will support the vision of zero leprosy.

Zero leprosy will not be realized without reducing M. leprae transmission. Therefore, a primary focus of the partnership will be to develop the scientific and technical basis needed to accelerate detection and prevention of leprosy to interrupt its transmission, and to scale up innovations at the country programme level. The partnership will be guided by evidence and reinforced by sharing experience and effective practices.

Zero leprosy includes addressing issues of stigma and discrimination of persons affected by leprosy, their families, and their communities.

The partnership will coordinate action among leprosy stakeholders and seek to minimize duplication of efforts among stakeholders.

The partnership recognizes and supports ownership of national leprosy programmes by national governments and will include representation from national programmes in its leadership and decision-making.

The partnership endorses full participation of persons affected by leprosy, including representation on the leadership team and involvement in working groups and committees.