Working Groups

Country Model Working Group

The Country Model Working Group is primarily focused on reviewing and revising the current Zero Leprosy Country Model components and data collection tools as well as refining the Country Model approach in alignment with the Zero Leprosy Action Framework and the new WHO Global Leprosy Strategy. This working group will also review newly developed Country Model components and provide endorsement for the model.

Leprosy Diagnostic Working Group

The Leprosy Diagnostic Working Group is fostering the development of a target product profile (TPP) for a leprosy diagnostic by bringing together experts in laboratory science, experts in the clinical aspects of leprosy, and representatives from stakeholder groups in the leprosy community. Dr. Sundeep and Dr. Petra co-chair this working group. See the list of members.

Country Modeling Working Group

The Country Modeling Working Group provides feedback on GPZL’s mathematical modeling project. Modeling expert David Blok is building compelling tools for advocacy and fundraising. The Country Modeling Working Group, which includes country representatives, partners involved in resource mobilization, and GPZL Leadership Team Members, offers guidance and context to David Blok throughout the modeling project. See the list of members.

Together, these working groups lead action by the leprosy community to protect leprosy prevention and control gains, to support persons affected, and to set a path toward zero leprosy. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on their work.

Previous Working Groups

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