Working Groups

The Partnership launched 3 working groups in 2018-2019. Our working groups are developing:

  • An aligned, prioritized research agenda to support advocacy for investment.
  • An operational excellence roadmap and toolkit that, with technical assistance and funding, can support countries in their efforts to move toward zero leprosy.
  • A strategy for mobilizing resources and partnerships in countries.

Together, these working groups form a continuum that spans scientific research, field testing, monitoring and evaluation, and the scale-up of new tools, approaches, policies, and practices to achieve zero leprosy. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

Learn more about each working group:

Research Agenda Working Group
Operational Excellence Working Group
Partnership and Resource Mobilization Working Group


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 the Partnership formed three emergency response working groups.

These groups are addressing the following areas of need: 

  • Emergency Access to Treatment/Care Work Group focuses on developing a platform for information-sharing to  monitor the situation on the ground and address potential needs, including the provision of MDT and drugs for the treatment of reactions. Through the GPZL and WHO, the latest information on COVID-19 and leprosy drug supply will be provided to National Programme Directors, and further linkages will be sought to share information and knowledge during this challenging time.
  • Emergency Advocacy Work Group focuses on supporting the wellbeing of persons affected by leprosy so that no one is left behind. Continuing treatment, basic need fulfillment, and access to social welfare is crucial during the COVID emergency response. This group is facilitating conversions with persons affected organizations and other key stakeholders, and sharing critical information to support persons affected and elevate their challenges and needs.
  • Post COVID-19 Work Group focuses on modeling to inform future scenarios, policy development for a post-COVID world, linking leprosy to new funding for health system strengthening, and engaging with other disease and advocacy groups.

Together, these working groups lead action by the leprosy community to protect leprosy prevention and control gains, to support persons affected, and to set a path toward zero leprosy. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on their work.