Meetings & Events

Meetings and events related to leprosy, neglected tropical diseases and global health issues.


20th International Leprosy Congress

10-13 Sep 2019 | Manila, Philippines

The 20th International Leprosy Congress is an opportunity for scientists, researchers, health staff, partners and individuals affected by leprosy to interact, discuss and share experiences in a variety of fields. Its theme is “Global Partnership in Addressing Current Challenges.” For registration and more details, visit¬†the website.

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United Kingdom

10th NTD NGO Network (NNN) Conference

17-19 September 2019 | Liverpool, United Kingdom

The 10th Annual NTD NGO Network (NNN) Conference is an opportunity for communities who are collectively focused on research, implementation and policy work to come together to discuss and plan areas of future work that will enhance and strengthen mutual global networks.¬†Its theme is ‘Our Vision Beyond 2020: Many Partners, One Voice’. For registration and more details, visit the website.

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