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Persons affected by leprosy and the COVID-19 global health crisis: a consultative calls report from GPZL’s emergency response Working Group 2

A report from GPZL’s Emergency Response Working Group 2, published in the December 2020 issue of Leprosy Review.


GPZL Working Group 1 assesses challenges and a path forward for leprosy during COVID-19

A report from GPZL’s Leprosy Emergency Operations Committee (LEOC), published in the December 2020 issue of Leprosy Review.


The COVID-19 Crisis and Persons Affected by Leprosy Fact Sheet

Persons affected by leprosy have been especially impacted by the worst consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments, NGOs, civil society organizations, and organizations of persons affected by leprosy have enacted policies and programmes intended to support persons affected during this crisis, although there are still gaps. The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy COVID-19 Emergency Response Working Group 2 and UN Special Rapporteur Alice Cruz, gathered data from 100+ persons affected and partners, representing 24 countries on available programmes and resources offering support to persons affected during this time. This fact sheet highlights some of the measures taken by governments and NGOs in the represented countries, and underscores the need for increased support.

Updated: 11/06/2020

Persons Affected by Leprosy and the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis: Working Group 2 Consultative Calls Report

Working Group 2 consulted persons affected by leprosy about pandemic challenges.

Updated: 11/06/2020

Open letter from UN Special Rapporteur on COVID-19 and leprosy

Open letter on COVID-19 and leprosy to the UN Member States from UN Special Rapporteur on the elimination of discrimination against persons affected by leprosy and their family members, Alice Cruz. 

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Updated: 10/04/2020

Advice about leprosy and COVID-19

Advice about leprosy and COVID-19 from the WHO Global Leprosy Programme, ILEP, UN Special Rapporteur Alice Cruz, and GPZL. Includes guidance on diagnosis and clinical management of leprosy patients, public health aspects of leprosy in the COVID-19 pandemic, and services for persons living with disabilities and/or psychosocial consequences of leprosy.

Updated: 10/04/2020