Mauricio Lisboa Nobre

Technical Advisor, The Brazilian Leprosy Program

Mauricio Lisboa Nobre is a physician who specializes in dermatology and leprology working in Natal (Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil). He has a Master of Science and Ph.D. in Tropical Medicine by the Oswaldo Cruz Foudantion (Rio de Janeiro). At Giselda Trigueiro Hospital in Natal he runs a state reference outpatient clinic for leprosy where doctors in medical residence are trained. Additionally, his main activities include the training of doctors and nurses from the Family Health Program for leprosy management and the support for field researches conducted by the Tropical Medicine Institute of Rio Grande do Norte Federal University, especially on leprosy epidemiology and contact tracing. In the past he worked as the Brazilian Representative for LEPRA (UK) and developed consulting for others ILEP members in Brazil (NLR and ALM) and for the Pan-American Healh Organisation (PAHO). He is member of the Brazilian Hansen’s Disease Society and integrates the Technical Advisory Board for National Leprosy Program in Brazil.