Meetings & Events

Meetings and events related to leprosy, neglected tropical diseases and global health issues.


Informal consultation on treatment of reactions and prevention of disabilities in leprosy

11-13 Dec 2018 | Chennai, India

The overall objective of the meeting: contribute to reducing disease burden due to leprosy by improving quality of care for persons affected by leprosy.

Experts in leprosy, staff from national leprosy programmes, clinicians and persons affected by leprosy will discuss the extent of the problem caused by reactions in leprosy, review different treatment practices followed in different parts of the world and contribute to development of an updated technical guidance on treatment of reactions and prevention of disabilities. This meeting is by invitation.


World Leprosy Day

27 Jan 2019 | Worldwide

World Leprosy Day 2019 will focus on ending discrimination, stigma and prejudice.

South Carolina, U.S.

ILEP Meetings, March 2019

18-22 Mar 2019 | Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.

The next ILEP Meetings will take place during the week of 18-22 March, hosted by American Leprosy Missions. The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy’s leadership team will convene during the ILEP meetings to discuss strategies and long-term milestones. Agenda and details to be confirmed.


20th International Leprosy Congress

10-13 Sep 2019 | Manila, Philippines