The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to ending leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease. View Charter

We envision a world with zero leprosy: no disease, no disability, and no discrimination or stigma.


The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy facilitates alignment of the leprosy community and accelerates effective collaborative action toward the goal of zero leprosy.

We coordinate action in three areas:

  • Accelerating research in new diagnostic and therapeutic tools, interventions, and strategies to interrupt leprosy transmission, prevent disability, and end discrimination and stigma.
  • Partnering with national leprosy programmes to identify and scale up best practices while supporting country-led planning to reach zero leprosy.
  • Increasing advocacy to prioritize leprosy internationally and mobilizing resources needed to reach zero leprosy.


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Our strategic objectives for 2024-2026 are:


The Partnership’s aim is to facilitate the implementation and scaling-up of existing and new tools to interrupt transmission worldwide. We will collaborate with WHO to convene international and in-country stakeholders to align on these actions, and work with country governments and partners to map leprosy and bring deployment of zero transmission tools to scale nationally.


The Partnership’s aim is to align and accelerate research with a focus on zero transmission. Working closely with the Leprosy Research Initiative and in collaboration with WHO, we will build consensus on critical research to interrupt transmission, and steer researchers, investors and developers on the path towards zero transmission research and development priorities aligned with WHO NTD Roadmap.


The Partnership’s aim is to prioritise people and their rights in our zero leprosy efforts. We will promote a person-centred approach to leprosy services in endemic countries, and set global standards for the prioritization of people and their rights in the journey towards zero leprosy.