Leprosy: the ancient disease scientists can’t solve

Rifampicin treatment has had a significant impact in countries like Ghana, says Benedict Quao, who leads the National Leprosy Control Programme in Ghana, which is a member of the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy. “For the first time ever, countries had medical guidelines that could push political leadership to act,” he says.

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ZSer aims to eradicate leprosy

In partnership with GPZL, ZS is collaborating on a roadmap to develop and implement two leprosy diagnostic tests: One to confirm leprosy in people who show symptoms, and the other to screen families and communities of people affected by leprosy.

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Ending Buruli Ulcer & Leprosy In Nigeria

A special report on the state of Buruli ulcer and leprosy in Nigeria features interviews with leaders from the National Leprosy Programme, The Leprosy Mission Nigeria, Damien Foundation Nigeria, the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy (GPZL), and other partners. GPZL Secretariat director, Bill Gallo, and GPZL Program Manager, Mondie Tharp, discuss the development of Nigeria’s Zero Leprosy Roadmap and Action Plan and the opportunity to end leprosy in Nigeria.

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Cambodia develops plan to end leprosy

Cambodia’s RHM HGTV channel reports on the National Leprosy Programme’s roadmapping and action planning workshops. (23:45 – 27:00)

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Prime Minister commits to Côte d’Ivoire’s Zero Leprosy Action Plan

RTI reports on Prime Minister Patrick Achi’s commitment to ending leprosy in Côte d’Ivoire by 2030.

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Fear and loathing of leprosy

Bill Gallo of the Global Partnership with Zero Leprosy discusses leprosy prevalence. In Ethiopia, people with leprosy face stigma and challenges.

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Unity is Strength: Conviction and Commitment with Foundation Raoul Follereau

Dr Roch Christian Johnson, President of the International Leprosy Association and medical advisor to Foundation Raoul Follereau (FRF), speaks about the collaboration between FRF and the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy.

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Ghana Health Service says Universal Health Coverage must cover leprosy

Dr Patrick Kuma-Aboagye, Director General, Ghana Health Service (GHS), has called for the inclusion of leprosy in the Universal Health Coverage agenda.

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