Challenges and a Path Forward for Leprosy during COVID-19: Working Group 1 Report

GPZL’s Working Group 1, the Leprosy Emergency Operations Committee (LEOC), works to address and resolve issues in the supply of drugs for the treatment of leprosy and leprosy reactions, and other forms of care such as wound care, disability care, and social care, and supporting the work of National Leprosy Programmes. Working Group 1 includes representatives from GPZL member organizations and from Novartis/WHO with anti-leprosy drug supply expertise.

The LEOC held virtual meetings April – August 2020. LEOC members conducted two surveys: one to national leprosy program managers and the other to NGOs and CSOs. The members discussed the survey results, identified the countries most affected, and contacted program managers to understand the situation and the need for support. Working Group 1 found that COVID-19 was having a direct impact on clinics, MDT supply, patient access to care, and NGO activities. Read the full report below.