8 June 2021

COR-NTD Research Links: Developing a country-integrated skin-NTD strategy

Whilst the new WHO Roadmap lays out global targets for NTDs, , there are still gaps in understanding how best to operationalize these at the country-level and how to translate the global roadmap goals into national targets for NTDs. This will require, sharing of best practices through guidelines and tools, developing NTD strategies within countries, in-country capacity-building, as well as operational research to build scientific knowledge and develop and evaluate effective, integrated interventions that can be implemented within countries in order to achieve the nationally agreed and set global targets for skin-NTDs.
This session aims to identify what research gaps exist in regard to developing in-country integrated skin-NTD strategies, and how these can be filled.

This session takes place from 13:30-16:00 BST