Linda Hummel

Chair of Executives Group, Leprosy Research Initiative

Linda is chair of the Executives Group of the Leprosy Research Initiative, the joint fund to support leprosy research. As CEO of NLR, Linda leads the international team of 200+ staff that operate within the NLR Alliance and together aim for zero leprosy. The NLR Alliance has offices in Brazil, Mozambique, Indonesia, India, Nepal, and the Netherlands.

Previously she served 15 years at Amref Health Africa, Africa’s leading health development organization, in local and global leadership positions. She led strategy, investments, and capacity development in funding growth and income diversification in several countries. Before joining Amref, Linda worked as a CEO in publishing and in several commercial management positions in the international media- (TIME Magazine) and internet industry (America Online). Designing growth plans, developing teams, and achieving results in multiple markets were key in these positions.

She acts as a Board Member at Eye Care Foundation and the Metropole Orchestra’s support Foundation. Linda studied Business Administration and has a Master’s degree in European Studies. She was born in South Africa and raised in the Netherlands.