9 March 2022


The National Leprosy Programme of Nepal became a GPZL partner in 2019. The programme is led by Dr Rabindra Baskota.

Nepal’s National Leprosy Programme convenes leaders to repeal discriminatory law

The National Leprosy Programme of Nepal and ILEP partners held a meeting in Kathmandu focused on repealing Nepal’s Civil Code 2074.

Meet Dr. Baskota, Nepal’s National Leprosy Programme Manager

Dr. Rabindra Baskota is the National Leprosy Programme Manager of Nepal and a member of the GPZL Leadership Team. Dr. Baskota shares his experience in the leprosy field and reflects on opportunities to advance closer to leprosy elimination. How did you begin working in leprosy? … Read More >

Nepal develops Zero Leprosy Action Plan 

The National Leprosy Programme of Nepal convened stakeholders and in-country partners of the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy (GPZL) in Kathmandu in November. The meeting attendees developed an action plan with specific leprosy activities and budgets needed to end leprosy in the country by 2030.  … Read More >

SDR-PEP Webinar Series: The Role of Persons Affected in SDR-PEP Implementation

Learn about SDR-PEP, why is it needed, and the role of persons affected by leprosy in successful SDR-PEP implementation. Hear from Alice Cruz, Amar Timalsina, and the WHO Global Leprosy Programme.

GPZL’s 2020 Country Partners

The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy (GPZL) is working toward a world without leprosy through a country-by-country strategy. We bring together partners in-country and international stakeholders to work on country-led customized strategies that address local needs and priorities to end leprosy (Hansen’s disease). The Global … Read More >

The Partnership’s Mission to Nepal

The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy (GPZL) conducted a two-week long country review in Nepal in July 2019.

Program Profile: Nepal

Over the past several decades, great efforts have been made in controlling leprosy worldwide. However, leprosy remains a challenge in many countries, with South-East Asia bearing the brunt. These countries are all determined to overcome leprosy and its complications. This month we will be highlighting Nepal and showing the steps they are taking towards a leprosy-free region.