Peter Steinmann | Chair

Head, Diseases and Programmes Unit, SwissTPH

Dr. Peter Steinmann is a trained epidemiologist and public health specialist working at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute ( He is passionate about making public health innovations accessible to populations in need, and with his projects focuses on implementation research, evaluations and strategic consulting. His expertise and key projects pertain to neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) with a focus on leprosy and helminth infections, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and public health in general. He has extensively published in the scientific literature (>150 articles, book chapters pertaining to leprosy, editor of NTD-focused books), supervises students and teaches at the University of Basel.

With regard to leprosy, Peter’s main work pertains to post-exposure prophylaxis and its integration into national program routines with an aim to interrupt M. leprae transmission. He actively contributes to facilitating leprosy research through roles in R2STOP, LRI and other actors, maintains collaborations and exchange with key partners in the field of leprosy control, and promotes integration of leprosy with other programs and primary health.