28 August 2020 · Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy

ILEP Technical Commission and Advisory Panels accepting nominations

The ILEP Technical Commission and the ILEP Advisory Panel both come up for re-appointment in October. The two groups work closely with one another to coordinate guidance at ILEP Federation.
The ILEP Technical Commission includes experts covering a range of areas of leprosy expertise related to ILEP’s three strategic objectives. Due to the importance of ILEP’s relationship with the WHO, there is a standing invitation to the WHO Global Leprosy Programme to attend ITC meetings. Through meetings, publications, and recommendations, the Technical Commission advises ILEP and its 13 members on policy, implementation of strategy, and interpretation of trends.

The ILEP Advisory Panel consists of women and men affected by leprosy who serve as internal consultants to ILEP member organizations. Since 2015, the ILEP Advisory Panel has guided the Federation’s policies, governance, and strategy. The Advisory Panel advocates for policies on behalf of persons affected by leprosy and provides guidance on communications and campaign materials. The Panel also developed ILEP’s Policy on language, photography, and imagery.

The appointments will be made by the ILEP Members’ Assembly in mid-October. The Assembly is now inviting nominations. Download the terms of reference and nomination form to apply for the Technical Commission. Contact Monty Mukhier at [email protected] for the terms of reference and nomination form for the Advisory Panel. Nominations are due by 21 September. Nomination forms and attached CVs should be returned to [email protected].