9 March 2022


The National Leprosy Programme of Morocco became a GPZL partner in 2019.

SDR-PEP Webinar Series: Post Exposure Prophylaxis in Leprosy Programs

Explore the process of starting SDR-PEP with five presentations from leprosy experts and representatives from National Leprosy Programmes that have begun PEP implementation.

The Partnership’s Mission to Morocco

In October the Partnership conducted its second country review of 2019 in Morocco. The review was requested by the Moroccan National Leprosy Programme, headed by Dr. Ibtissam Khoudri. The objective of the country review was to take stock of the programme’s current status and define key priorities for the future.

Meet Dr. Ibtissam Khoudri from Morocco’s Ministry of Health

Dr. Ibtissam Khoudri leads the leprosy program in Morocco’s Ministry of Health and is a chairperson for the Operational Excellence working sub-group 5. We spoke to her about Morocco’s success in reducing leprosy, the critical issues countries face in trying to get to zero leprosy, and how the partnership’s work can help.