14 July 2020 · Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy

SDR-PEP Webinar Series: Post Exposure Prophylaxis in Leprosy Programs

The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy, along with WHO GLP, recently launched a new SDR-PEP focused webinar series. The first webinar in this series took place on 18 June 2020 and explored the process of starting SDR-PEP implementation for National Leprosy Programmes.

The webinar featured five presentations from leprosy experts and representatives from National Leprosy Programmes (NLPs) that have begun PEP implementation. The first presentation, titled, “History of the Development of SDR/PEP” was offered by Dr. Erwin Cooreman from WHO’s Global Leprosy Programme and explored the development of SDR-PEP. Dr. Christa Kasang gave the second presentation titled, “PEP approaches”, which explored different approaches to PEP implementation and contact tracing. The third, fourth, and fifth presentations were from countries that have begun SDR-PEP, and described the approach to PEP implementation in their specific contexts. Dr. Wiendra Waworuntu from Indonesia, Dr. Vedustus Kamara from Tanzania, and Dr. Asma Saadi from Morocco, presented their experiences with SDR-PEP implementation in their countries.


To learn more about beginning SDR-PEP implementation, view the recording of the webinar below.

This webinar is the first in a series of webinars, focused on SDR-PEP. Information about future webinars in this series will be released in the newsletter and the Newsroom page of zeroleprosy.org.