16 March 2022

Zero Leprosy PEP Toolkit

SDR-PEP Resources and Tools

Single Dose Rifampicin Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (SDR-PEP) is a preventative treatment for leprosy that can be used to stop the transmission of leprosy to close contacts of leprosy patients. The treatment consists of a single dose of the antibiotic rifampicin (SDR).

This page features resources and tools from GPZL and partners with information for National Leprosy Programme Managers and implementing partners to inform their approach to SDR-PEP.

Factsheet: The latest research on SDR-PEP

Large-scale, international studies show that SDR-PEP is safe and contributes to reducing leprosy incidence and preventing secondary disabilities. It has been tested in more than 11 countries, and more than 175,000 people have received treatment in research settings. Access the factsheet >

Leprosy/Hansen disease: Contact tracing and post-exposure prophylaxis

This document provides guidance on how to implement contact screening and chemoprophylaxis with single-dose rifampicin. The contents are logically ordered: counseling and obtaining consent, identification and listing of the index cases, the listing of contacts, tracing of contacts, screening of contacts, and administration of prophylactic drugs. Managerial aspects to undertake contact screening and chemoprophylaxis are also elaborated, including planning, training, supervision, and drug management. Visit site >

PEP Country Work

Presentations: Countries’ Experiences with SDR-PEP