16 June 2020

Power the Partnership: End the Neglect- ONLINE EVENT

This global, virtual event will celebrate the achievements of the London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and showcase the contribution of NTDs to power the progress in other Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) diseases.
Join us as we hear from those who are at the center of shaping the global neglected tropical disease agenda: the World Health Organization (WHO), government officials, senior leaders of UN agencies, continental bodies, development agencies, pharmaceutical companies, private sector, non-governmental organisations, youth movements and activists.

As we look to the future, we will discuss the draft WHO Road Map on NTDs, its bold targets for the next decade and the critical priorities for action. The event will also discuss the role that governments, the private sector, youth movements, multilateral institutions and continental bodies can play in keeping NTDs high on the global health agenda.

We will also discuss how to set the stage for global action on NTDs in a post-COVID world and how we can power the NTD partnership into the next decade of action to end the neglect of these diseases of poverty once and for all.

Finally, we will invite the global community to collectively commit to a concerted, global effort that makes clear: These diseases and the suffering they inflict will be neglected no more.

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