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We now have preventive medication for leprosy allowing us to work towards breaking the chain of leprosy transmission: Single Dose Rifampicin Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (SDR-PEP).

On 4-7 November 2019 NLR , GPZL, LRI and NLR organized a workshop for stakeholders from different countries to develop country plans for post-exposure prophylaxis in countries. Participants included health professionals, (national) program managers, researchers, persons affected by leprosy and ILEP members. The organizers of the workshop had prepared and presented scientific and practical key information on the various stages of preparing, implementing and evaluating PEP programmes. These steps were discussed in three groups and applied in plans for the different country scenarios: start-up; scale-up; and last mile. The products of this workshop can be found below.

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Start-up PEP profile package


Scale-up PEP profile package


Last-mile PEP profile package



To demonstrate how the participants used the country scenarios, we have example formats for Nigeria, a country soon starting with SDR-PEP; Nepal, a country that introduced SDR-PEP in 2015 and is going through the process of scaling-up; and Morocco, who introduced SDR-PEP in 2013 and is working on the last mile to reach Zero Leprosy.

Start-up: Nigeria
Scale-Up: Nepal
Last-Mile: Morocco

Supporting documents:

Three PEP Workshop presentations from Indonesia, Morocco and Brazil about their experiences with SDR-PEP.