Tuduetso Molefi

Neglected Tropical Diseases Program Manager, Botswana

Dr. Tuduetso Molefi’s background is in medicine, with an MBChB degree and DTMH qualification. She currently serves as a Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health of Botswana and holds the role of Neglected Tropical Diseases Program Manager. In this capacity, she plays a crucial role in overseeing the implementation of prevention and treatment activities related to Neglected Tropical Diseases across 27 districts in Botswana. Her extensive experience in clinical medicine and public health work, particularly in the primary healthcare setting, is undoubtedly valuable in her role in the coordination of the integrated NTD program.

Dr. Molefi’s dedication to the NTD program is evident, as she has been involved since 2016, starting as a program officer and eventually assuming the Program Manager position in 2018. Dr. Molefi’s ultimate dream is to see the elimination of leprosy in Botswana, aspiring to restore dignity to those who have been affected by the disease and other neglected tropical diseases.